Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Mayor Ward: Hundreds Of Thousands Approved For Downtown Improvement

LINDEN, TN (WOPC) Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been approved to expand sidewalks and infrastructure in downtown Linden.

Linden Mayor Wess Ward tells WOPC that $385,260.00 in state funding was approved late Wednesday. The funding will allow sidewalk improvements and features such as lights to be added to a section of Highway 412 (West Main Street) towards apartments and buildings beyond the city park. 

The project is considered 'phase 4' of an overall plan that has dramatically reshaped the look of Linden over the past decade.

This announcement comes as work is soon scheduled to begin on another stretch of sidewalk that will connect downtown to the Buffalo River. All told, the sidewalk program will connect pedestrians to a safe way to travel to numerous businesses, the city park, the square, schools, and the river.

A timeline for completion has not been announced. "This is a great moment for the city. We are better connected than we have ever been" Mayor Ward told WOPC.