Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Group Suspected Of Brazen Theft From Food Giant

LINDEN, TN (WOPC) Can you identify the people in these photos? If so, Perry County Deputies want to hear from you.

Authorities say the group is suspected to be involved in a brazen shoplift around 9:30 Monday night. The act happened during store hours, officials say. The group took time removing dozens of items.

While the exact total is not known, deputies say the team removed more than $100.00 worth of various groceries from the Food Giant store in Linden..
In these photos, released by deputies to WOPC, the suspects are seen carrying items in bags and clothing.
In all, 4 suspects were identified as part of the alleged theft. The team left in a white Dodge 1500 truck, with a red 'auto dealer' license plate.
If you know these individuals, you are asked to call the Perry County Sheriff's Office at 931-589-8803.