Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Armed Citizen Captures 2 Wanted Men In Perry County

Scotty Landers Captured Suspects / WOPC

WHITE OAK, TN (Perry County - WOPC) A 'good guy with a gun' has brought two wanted men to justice in rural Perry County.

Monday evening, deputies from the Decatur County Sheriff's Office chased a vehicle into southern Perry County. After turning on remote Grinder Road in the White Oak community, the two suspects fled the vehicle on foot.

Officers with at least three agencies spent Monday evening and most of Tuesday morning working to get a track on the suspects by land and air. Just after 8:15am Tuesday morning, one of the suspects was spotted near a sawmill on White Oak road. An alert employee, Scotty Landers, held the suspect at gunpoint until deputies arrived. That would be the first of two heroic takedowns for Landers.

After hours of continued searching rough wooded areas, deputies were notified by dispatch that the additional suspect was spotted near the same sawmill. Deputies arrived to find the second suspect held at gunpoint by Landers and his son. This time, Landers says he gave chase to the suspect through the woods when he attempted to flee. Landers told WOPC a 'warning shot' fired into the air from his shotgun, help to curb the suspect. 

The names of the two suspects have not been released by the Decatur County Sheriff's Office. More information is expected form the Sheriff soon. Both suspects are being released to the custody of the Decatur County Sheriff's Office. WOPC was the only local news source to break every detail of this story from the scene.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Back-To-Back Drug Busts In Perry County

PERRY COUNTY, TN (WOPC) Two days of drug suspect arrests have kept officers busy in Perry County.