Thursday, March 8, 2018

WOPC EXCLUSIVE: Pre-Dawn Drug Raid Nets 28 Arrests, More Pending

LINDEN, TN - A multi-agency 'drug round-up' has led to the arrest of 31 people in Perry County, with more pending.

Investigators say the arrests come after months of evidence gathering, testimony and undercover work.

The Perry County Sheriff's Office was joined by numerous other law enforcement agencies, including the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, U.S. Marshall's Service, DEA, Williamson County Sheriff's Office, Lewis County Sheriff's Office, Centerville Police, Hickman County Sheriff's Office, Hohenwald Police, and others, to conduct the arrests just before daybreak Thursday.

WOPC-HD News was granted exclusive access to the operation center. 

Most of the arrests targeted distributors of illegal or controlled substances or narcotics.

The operation, dubbed 'Operation Thin Ice' was one of the largest in the county's history, and required months of planning and strategy, Sheriff Nick Weems tells WOPC-HD News.

A temporary processing center was established to process (or 'book') the suspects and transfer them to area detention centers. A complete list of the suspects is being gathered and will be published Thursday afternoon.

31 people have been arrested with approximatley 15 warrants outstanding. The following have been arrested or are in custody in other jails.

Susan Ewing, Lobelville
Jayson Mathis, Linden
Thomas Tinder, Flatwoods
Tyler Murdock, Linden
Jerry J. Jones, Linden
Roderick Vaughn, Linden
Adam Ashton, Linden
Maggie Gossett, Linden
Heather Thomas, Linden
Michael Jones, Linden
Lonnie Nelson, Linden
Colone Russ Ward, Linden
Ryan Belasic, Linden
Randal Tinin, Linden
Edetta Lee, Linden
Chrystal Dugger, Linden
Robert Farmer, Linden
John Hufstedler, Lobelville
Krista Westbrooks, Lobelville
Charles Tinnon, Lobelville
Brian Covey
Scott Barrett
Colby Duncan, Hohenwald
Cody Higdon, Hohenwald
Matthew Maness, Decatur
Jason Enfinger, Henderson County
Greg Gee- Hickman County

Editorial Note: A previous version of this story from 3/9/18 listed 'Reese Brooks' as a suspect arrested in Operation Thin Ice. This information was provided to WOPC by PCSO officials. Upon a review, it was clarified that Brooks was NOT arrested as part of Operation Thin Ice. Brooks is currently incarcarated under unrelated charges, as has recently been indicted on 2 counts of reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon and 2 counts of vehicular assault. WOPC corrected this error as soon as it was brought to our attention.