Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Body Of Missing Firefighter Located In River

WAVERLY, TN- A "search and rescue" operation is underway on the Tennessee River near Waverly after a man reportedly plunged his vehicle into the flooded river on Tuesday morning.

UPDATE: The Humphreys County Sheriff's Office confirms the body of Jesse Reed was located in the cove where the searchers had been looking. The investigation into his death will continue.(3/17)

UPDATE: Humphreys County Sheriffs Office said on Thursday that they are on Kentucky Lake searching for Jesse Reed, they say are using side scan sonar to locate Reed. (3/15)

UPDATE: The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on Friday night served two search warrants in connection with this case. One warrant was served at the residence of Jesse Reed in Peagram, Tn. The other was served at a home near where Reed reportedly drove into the river. (3/9)

Many questions now surround the investigation. The female that was reportedly also in the truck has been identified as Reed's wife. The HCSO says they have no evidence she was in the Jeep. They also say they have no evidence that Reed went into the water. 

UPDATE: The missing man has been identified as Nashville Firefighter Jesse Reed. Humphreys County officials confirm the search for Reed's will start back Wednesday morning. (3/7)

UPDATE: Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office released a statement asking for help in locating Reed. The release indicates Reed may have not been in the vehicle. Please call the HCSO if you have any information. (3/7)

According to the Humphreys County Sheriff's Office, a man was believed to have driven into the Tennessee River which because of flooding is several feet above its normal level.

The incident occurred at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning near Point Bluff Lane, Waverly.

Cheif Deputy Rob Edwards told WOPC HD News that it was thought that a man had gone into the water and they thought he was in the vehicle.

Early on according to Edwards, it was believed that the man was in the vehicle because it would be hard for a person to get out of the vehicle and the water.

A WOPC HD News crew was on the scene when the vehicle was recovered from the water and the man was not inside the vehicle.

"It is now a search and rescue operation" Edwards said after confirming the man was not inside the vehicle.

The chief said that will begin to look for the missing man and their hopes are that he escaped the vehicle and is somewhere in need of help.

"The windows were down on the vehicle, so he could have come out of the vehicle" Edwards added.

A dive team from Clarksville is on scene assisting in the operation.

A concerned group of family and friends gathered to watch the operation. They were informed by the sheriff's office that the man was not inside when divers were able to reach the vehicle.

Officials have confirmed a second person was in the vehicle but she did not go into the water. That person told officials that the missing man had gone into the water

Sonar was used to locate the vehicle. Rescue staff said the vehicle was under about 10 feet of water.

This is a developing story, stay with WOPC HD News for updates.