Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Perry County To Place Armed Guards In Schools

LINDEN, TN- Perry County Sheriff Nick Weems has been front and center in the fight to protect school children since the school shooting in Florida that killed seventeen.
On Monday, Perry County Sheriff Nick Weems made a proposal to the Perry Couinty Commission that he would like to place armed security in each of the counties schools.

The commission approved the measure unanimously and without question.

According to Perry County Commissioner Jonathan Hickerson, the funding will come from the sheriff's budget and the commission will look to use funds from the county's general fund and then reimburse the sheriff's budget later in the fiscal year.

"I think its a good idea, we have to protect our children" Hickerson added when discussing the funding measure.

Perry County Mayor Terry Richardson told WOPC HD News that the sheriff and he would meet soon to work out the details.

Weems said that he wanted to implement the plan as soon as possible and he already had most of the staff in mind that he would place in the schools.

The Decatur County Commission recently approved a similar measure that would cover overtime for Sheriff Keith Byrd to place armed deputies in schools.

The plan would cover armed security for the remainder of the school year and the commission plans to address the measure on a permanent basis before next years school term.