Tuesday, March 13, 2018

More Questions Than Answers In Search For Missing Firefighter

WAVERLY, TN- A week after a Jeep plunged into the Tennessee River reportedly driven by a Metro firefighter there are more questions than answers.
Last Tuesday morning at approximately 1:30 a.m. a 911 call came in that a man had driven into the Tennessee River We now know that that man was Jesse Reed, 35, Peagram. We also know that he was a firefight-paramedic with the Metro Fire Department and the Cheatham County EMS.

The call reportedly came into dispatch from a neighbor after Reed's wife Ellen knocked on the door and ask for help. The neighbors called 911.
Sheriff Chris Davis 

When officials from Humphreys County were able to recover the Jeep from the water, Reed was not inside the vehicle. A search that has been from air, land and water has gone on now for over a week

Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis told WOPC HD News on Monday that over 300 searchers from multiple agencies have searched for Reed. As of Tuesday morning, Reed's body has not been recovered.

The sheriff said they will search until they find "our"guy.

Late Friday night the sheriff confirmed that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation searched two residences belonging to the Reed's.

One was in Cheatam County and the other was within walking distance of the where Reed reportedly entered the water.

Questions have begun to surface about the warrants, Reed's wife's possible involvement and discrepancies in the timeline of the event.

Tennessee Burau of Investigation told WOPC HD News this morning " Our investigation into this case remains active and ongoing."

WOPC asked the Sheriff Davis about these questions. "He is a missing person for us, I feel it would be  irresponsible for me to not exhaust any and all efforts", "they (TBI) are helping us, this gentleman is from Cheatham County, across county lines, therefore they are helping us locate Mr. Reed."

The sheriff said there "may be a window that is unknown to us, to the time of the actual incident", he added that they are working on answers to those questions."

According to the Reed's neighbor, Joyce Dunaway,  a "shocked", Ellen Reed knocked on her next door neighbors door at 1:30 a.m. The neighbor told us that "scared", Reed said "Help me, Help me"

The neighbor told us that Ellen Reed was wet and "wearing a heavy sweat shirt type thing where it opens up, her t-shirt and her panties, that's it."

Dunaway said of Reed "I have no reason to doubt her, not in my mind."

A family member of Jesse Reed said that they are supportive of the wife and that law enforcement has to do its job. He told WOPC HD News that "she was the last person to see him so of course, they have to look at her, that is common practice."

The search continues today and we will have updates.