Monday, March 19, 2018

Man Tased Afer Fleeing and Assaulting Officer

LAWRENCEBURG, TN- A Lawrence County man allegedly fled into the woods and later was tased after spitting on a deputy.

According to a police report, a deputy from the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office made a traffic stop just south of Lawrenceburg near the Hwy 43 and Hwy 64 bypass on Monday night at approximately 8:45 pm

The deputy says that when he stopped the vehicle that he ran a warrants check on the driver and his two passengers. The warrant check was negative on the driver and one of the passengers, but one of the passengers was wanted.

Bobby R. Lovell, 35,  was said to have an active warrant for Violation of Probation. The deputy says that when he tried to arrest Lovell, that he fled into the wood behind Victory Baptist Church.

The deputy says that he chased Lovell into the woods and gave him several orders to stop. When Lovell did not stop the deputy says that he fired his taser "into his backside." The deputy said that the taser had no effects because Lovell had on "baggie clothing."

After allegedly taking Lovel to the ground, the deputy says that Lovell stuck him twice in the head before any officer arrived and help him place handcuffs on Lovell.

According to the report when law enforcement got Lovell back to the police care he allegedly became irate and "began to cuss officers" and refused to get into the back of the car.

At some point, the officer says that Lovell allegedly spits in his face and that another officer "dry tased" Lovell. Lovell is then accused of kicking the door of the squad car, causing damage too it.

The deputy was taken to a local hospital to be sanitized and to have laboratory test ran.

Bobby Ray Lovell was booked into the Lawrence County Jail and charged with Assault (Domestic), Violation of Probation, Vandalism, Evading Arrest (Felony), Resisting Arrest, Aggravated Assault (On Officer).