Monday, March 12, 2018

Landmark BBQ Restaurant Owner Says He Will Reopen After Fire

PARSONS, TN- Ramey's BBQ is more than just a restaurant in Parsons, it's a landmark. On Friday fire damaged the popular local eatery but the owner says he will reopen it.

Daryl Ramey says that Ramey's BBQ has been in business since he built it with his father in the early 80's and the business has been open since then.

Ramey said that he had been told that his restaurant was one of only 3 in Tennessee that cooked whole hogs. That system of cooking a whole hog on a pit over coals most likely lead to the fire according to Ramey.

Daryl Ramey telling us how he plans to rebuild 

Ramey told WOPC that he planned to rebuild and maybe redesign part of the pit to keep this from happening again. He gave our crew a tour but part of his plan we can't report on, as its a trade secret.

"We hope to be back open in 2 to 3 weeks" Ramey said.

"There is not a BBQ pit around that cooks whole hogs that has not had a fire", "it's going to happen."

Ramey said of the response of firefighters and police "We are blessed with good firefights, they are tremendous."

Police said this isn't the first time that Ramey's has had a fire.

“I tried my best to build it to where it would be fireproof, but it was except for the wood” Ramey’s BBQ Shop owner Daryl Ramey said
"I told the kids this is just a bump in the road and we will be back stronger than ever" he said
They hope to have the restaurant reopened by April.