Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dwana Pusser Daughter Of Legendary Sheriff Passes Away

ADAMSVILLE, TN-Dwana Pusser, daughter of legendary Mcnairy County Sheriff Buford Pusser, passed away late Wednesday night.

The Sheriff Buford Pusser Festival posted "We are saddened to share the news that Dwana Pusser passed away."

Dwana Pusser was in the museum that honored her late father on Wednesday. According to the staff of the museum, she was there to sign copies of her book "Walking On."

It would be the last time she would be in her childhood home that now serves as the museum dedicated to the man most people know from the Walking Tall movie series.

The McNairy County Sheriff's Office confirmed the death of Dwana Pusser and said foul play is not expected. The body of the 56-year-old has been sent for autopsy.

Dwana Pusser served two terms as an Adamsville City Commissioner and worked hard to continue her fathers legacy.

Photo: Sheriff Buford Pusser Festival All Rights Reserved