Thursday, March 1, 2018

Clear Cutting May Be Leading To Centerville Water Issues

CENTERVILLE, TN- In just over 2 weeks, Centerville has lost water to thousands of residents and now the problem seems to be bigger than just flooding.

Centerville draws its water from Swann Creek, recent floods have caused the Duck River to flood into Swann Creek and that has been the reported cause of water outages. 

Sediment from the Swann Creek has been the problem, but now there appears to be a difference in the type of sediment.

Centerville's Public Works Director Danny Hudgins seems to think that there is more going on than just the floods.

The Duck River has flooded into Swann Creek many times over the past few years and according to the director that has never caused the problems of the past few weeks.

Hudgins says that the turbidity, of the water, has been so high that the city can not pump water.

 That has caused several thousand people to be without water.

"We've never had these kinds of issues, Swann Creek has gotten up many times, there is something else going on" Hudgins said.

State officials came to Centerville on Wednesday to try and help the water department resolve the issues and as of Thursday, there were no answers. 

"Our chemicals are not reacting like they should" Hudgins said.

The chemicals that have been used for years apparently are not working. The state will be returning to try different options.

"I really think upstream that clear-cutting has caused a lot of issues and I think the time has come and its caught up with us." Hudgins said there is something different about the sediment that is getting into the water.

Weather forecast for the next few days should allow water levels to return to normal. When the water levels return to normal the issue of the sediment will be looked into.

Just like two weeks ago the community and outsiders have banded together to bring bottled water to those in need. Distribution centers have been set up and delivery to shut-ins are being made.

Hudgins is hopeful that all residents will have water services returned by Sunday.