Sunday, March 4, 2018

Body Of Missing Perry County Man Found In Buffalo River

FLATWOODS, TN- The body of a missing Perry County senior citizen was found on Sunday afternoon in the Buffalo River only a mile from where he was last seen.

Members of the Linden Fire Department located the body of Marshal Spry, 73, White Oak, who had been missing since Wednesday night. The elderly man's body was located in the Buffalo River at about 3:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Spry had been reported missing after he left his grandaughters home on Wednesday night and apparently did not make it to his home. His body was located at the end of the Whitaker Road which is approximately one mile from where Spry was last seen.

Perry County Sheriff Nick Weems said that it was a "sad day for Perry County, we've lost a good man ." The sheriff went on to say that it was possible the 73-year-old Spry got disoriented in the inclement weather and took the wrong term on the way home.

"We were hoping for the best but at least we located Mr. Spry and his family can have closure" said Linden Fire Cheif Don Bates

Members of the PCSO, Perry County Rescue Squad, members of the community and family had been searching since Thursday.

The recent flooding had the Buffalo River at depths well above flood stage making the search difficult until the waters receded.

One the evening that Spry disappeared the Buffalo River was almost 10 feet above its normal levels. In the following days due to heavy rains, the river had risen to nearly 25 feet, which is 20 feet above its normal levels.

Mr. Spry spent the hours prior to his disappearance with his granddaughter and great-grandchildren.

Kristie  Allen, a longtime friend of the family said of Mr. Spry "He loved those children more than anything and now he is happy too now, he has been reunited with his wife." Spry's wife had passed away approximately 2 years ago.

On Sunday, the search was joined by several volunteers many of those on ATVs. There were also people searching on foot and horseback. Williamson County Sheriff's Office joined in the search again with their helicopter.

Monday, Perry County Sheriff Nick Weems located what appears to be the victims truck. 

The truck is still under several feet of swift moving water. 

The sheriff said it's now apparentl that Mr. Spry got disoriented in the heavy rain and took the wrong road on his way home. 

The sheriff said that Slink Shoals Spur Road leads directly back to the Buffalo River. 

Weems pointed out to WOPC HD News where he felt the truck entered the water. 

The truck entered the water across from a local land mark known as "Blue Rock." 

The vehicle came to rest about 100 yards upstream from the landmark known to many locals. Mr. Spry's body was located approximately half a mile from the vehicle. 

Weem's said that he will most likely contact the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to get assistance and guidance in removing the truck from the river. 

Perry County Searching For Missing Senior Citizen

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