Friday, February 16, 2018

WCHS Student Removed After Alleged School Threats Were Made

WAYNESBORO, TN- A Wayne County High School Student was removed from the school on Thursday after he made statements that caused concerns.

Waynesboro Cheif of Police Walter Smith says he was notified before noon on Thursday by the WCHS Principal and a concerned parent that a student had made statements in light of the recent school shooting in Florida raised concerns.

Officers from the Waynesboro Police Department responded to WCHS and the alleged threat was neutralized and handled quickly and appropriately.

Smith said that "We are glad that the parent and Principal Ryan Franks took quick action."

The chief said that he wouldn't call the statement a threat but that the comment was "taken very seriously.

Director of Schools Marlon Davis told WOPC HD News that "Some comments were made. These were brought to the attention of Mr. Franks. The appropriate agencies were notified to assist" Davis also said that "there is no cause for students to fear coming to school today."

Due to the student's age, the police could not comment on the student's custody status.

Smith also added, "We want students and the teachers to keep their head on a swivel, that's how you stay proactive."

Waynesboro Police will have an officer present at WCHS today and will make extra patrols.