Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentines Busiest Day For Florist and School

LINDEN, TN- All over the nation florist are geared up for the busiest day of the year. In Linden, that also includes the local high school.

Valentines Day in the small hamlet of Liden in Perry County, Tn, is the same as other places, with maybe a small exception.

Tim at O'Bryan's Flowers and Gifts said "Valentines Day is the busiest single day, Christmas is busier but it comes in over weeks"

People were lined up and the delivery van was beginning to fill up by 11 DJ's Flowers and Gifts. 

What may be different is that at Perry County High School the Future Farmers of America have had their own Valentines gift program for the better part of a decade.

Cindy Haye Rogers is the teacher in charge of the program and today WOPC News stopped by to see her and this program in action.

Rogers said that they have been doing the project for 8 years and it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The prices range from $1.50 to $45.00 and an order form is sent home with students. Most the forms are returned with an order.

The price range allows a "kindergarten student to spend $1.50 on his little girlfriend or for a student who only has a few dollars to get their mother something" Rogers said.

The FFA program had sold over 2000 chocolate dipped strawberries today.

Roger's said that the Valentine program helped fund school trips.

FFA Flowers head to Lobelville 

Flowers and gifts had already been delivered all over town to businesses and the courthouse.