Monday, February 12, 2018

State Officials Call Meeting Tonight To Discuss Lewis County Jail

HOHENWALD, TN- Officials with the Tennessee Correctional Institue have called a special meeting to discuss the future of the Lewis County Jail.

Officals with Tennessee Correctional Institute called a special meeting with the Lewis County Commission to inform them of findings of a recent inspection of the county jail. 

Bob Bass, TCI, told the commissioners amd those in attendance that the Lewis County Jail was found to be overcrowded in a recent inspection. 

That overcrowding and the lack of a "measurable progess" on resolving that overcrowding leaves the jail in jeopardy of losing its certification. 

The jail will be re-inspected in March and then Lewis County can present their case to the regulatory board and ask them not to decertify the jail. 

Four options were discussed at the meeting tp resolve the crisis. The cost of those options range between $6 and $11 million to Lewis County taxpayers. 

Bass told commissioners that Lewis County Sheriff Dwayne Kilpatrick had done all he could do and now he was in "crisis management." 

Bass then told commissioners "this county is going to have to make decisions on how they plan to move foward"