Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Police Foil Henderson County Church Shooting Plot


CLIFTON, TN-  A Henderson County man is in custody after he allegedly told someone he planned to "shoot up" a church in Huron, TN. When police searched his car he had ' 3 weapons', including an AR-15 and approximately 1,500 rounds of ammunition, reports indicate.

Acting on a call from the Henderson County Sheriffs Office, the Clifton Police located suspect Daniel Toler, 35, Huron Road. When they talked to Tolar, a correctional officer, they found that he had 3 weapons and over 1,500 rounds of ammunition.

Henderson County Sheriff Brian Duke said the case has been turned over to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation but that original call originated in Huron, Tennessee. Huron is a small community about ten miles south-west of Lexington.

A member of the congregation of  Emmanual Baptist Church told WOPC HD News this morning that the church had been warned about the threat.


Henderson County officials notified the Clifton Police Department that Toler worked in Clifton. On Sunday morning Clifton Police Officers were able to locate Toler and searched his vehicle.

Clifton Police Officer Timmy Harris was first on the scene he was then joined by Investigator Steve Wilson.

According to the warrant information, Toler had an AR-15 rifle, assault shotgun, and a .17 caliber bolt action rifle inside his vehicle.  The warrant says that the AR-15 had a round in the chamber, along with multiple extra loaded magazines.

Clifton City Manager Doug Kibbey told WOPC HD News that Toler had anywhere from 1000 to 1500 rounds of ammunition.  

Kibbey said that Toler had a "cache of weapons and explosives."

"The individual (Toler) said that he would possibly carry out that threat after the individual got off work, which was Sunday evening."

We asked Kibbey if they considered this threat credible, the reply was "Absolutely"

Kibby said, "There were no specifics how it was going to be done, but the individual (Toler) said the report was credible and that the threat would be possibly carried out after he got off work, which would have been Sunday evening."

The City Manager said that "I'm very proud of his officers, I have the best officers in the state."

"This was a joint effort of Henderson County, TBI and us, you can't do it all by yourself "Kibby noted.

22nd Judicial Attorney Brent Cooper said  "I am very proud of the work done by officer Steve Wilson of the Clifton Police Department. A member of one of the smallest departments in Tennessee did what the FBI apparently couldn't do it in Florida. It is a very good chance that officer Wilson's quick thorough response saved a lot of lives"

Court documents say that Toler "did provide a statement of the same" in regards to "The defendant had made recent prior threats of a suicidal and homicidal nature."

An investigator told us that Henderson County and the TBI notifying them quickly was "paramount in getting him into custody" 

"This could have ended in a bad way" Kibby said.

Toler is currently being held without bond at the Wayne County Jail on charges of Introduction Of Contraband Into A Penal Facility (Firearms) 

Officials say this investigation is open and it may involve other agencies.