Monday, February 19, 2018

Perry County Sheriff Say Not Our Children, Not Our Community When It Comes To School Shootings

LINDEN, TN- A few days after another school shooting that claimed 17 lives, one Tennessee sheriff has had enough. Nick Weems says "Not our children, not our community"

The sheriff from a small middle Tennessee county took to social media and told his county that he has had enough of waiting on "answers from Capitol Hill."

Perry County Sheriff Weems told WOPC HD News "Our society has become a tangled mess of violence and our children are afraid."  He also added this is going to take "generations to fix."

Weems says "We can't afford to fail our children when it comes to firearms and the mentally ill."

"I am done waiting for the men and women, the Republicans and the Democrats on Capitol Hill to address this issue. I'm done waiting for them to hear the cries and heart-wrenching sobs from yet another parent that has lost their child to another school shooting. I hear them. I feel their pain and I fear becoming one of them. For those reasons, I have decided that today is the day that I take up this issue and fight with every resource I have. I want to make sure it never happens here. Not our children. NO MORE!" Weems said on Facebook.

The sheriff told WOPC HD News that his first plan was to install the Barraduca Defense System in all local schools.

According to Weems, the Barracuda systmen barricades doorways in the event the shooter attempts to shoot their way through the door locking mechanism. We have 90 classrooms in the four schools in Perry County that need to be secured easily from the inside. Each barracuda cost approximately $125 each.
The total cost to outfit all the schools in Perry County will be approximately $12,500.
Weems sent the challenge out To all of you who truly care and want to be part of helping keep our children, teachers and staff safer at our schools, below is our first step as a community.
Weems says he is not going to wait for a grant or funding.

Sheriff Weems says he is putting his "money where his mouth is", he and his wife are donating the first $500 from their own funds.
If you would like to donate to the fund to purchase this system

Sheriff’s Office
582 Bethel Rd. Linden TN. 37096.
The check will need to be made to the PCSO Dare Program. Write “barracuda defense” in the for the section.