Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Northside Elementary Aide Fired After Allegations She Gave Special Needs Students Sleep Aids

SAVANNAH, TN- The Savannah Police Department confirms that they have been investigating the actions of a female aide who allegedly gave students an over the counter sleep aid.

Savannah Chief of Police Michael Pitts told WOPC HD News that his department had been requested by the Hardin County School System to investigate a complaint regarding that an aide had possibly distributed over the counter medication to students without the proper authorization to do so.

Hardin County Director Schools Michael Davis has confirmed that he terminated a female support staff member of Northside Elementary School.

The director said that an allegation was made that the aide had given special needs students 5mg melatonin gummies. Melatonin is considered a sleep aid.

Director Davis said, "at no time could he find evidence that a student had actually been given any of the Melatonin."

During the course of the investigation, Snapchats to another staff member revealed that the aide planned to hand out the melatonin "like candy" to the students, Davis said.

The director also said that a social media post sent from the aide to another staff member allegedly showed a special needs student sleeping. Sending a picture of a minor student is a violation of school and federal policy.

Davis said that he terminated the aide the same day as the investigation. "This is a special needs class and the level of trust of employees in that class has to be even higher, many of these students are non-verbal"

The chief said that his department had investigated and turned their findings over to the district attorney's office to see if any laws had been broken.

The Department of Children's Service is also investigating.