Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Man Who Allegedly Plotted To Shoot Up Church Had Recently Attended Service

HURON, TN- The man accused of allegedly threatening to "shoot up" a Huron, TN church had attended the church a few days prior to being arrested.

On Sunday morning, Daniel Toler, 34, of Huron was taken into custody by the Clifton Police Department. Clifton PD had been advised that Toler had allegedly threatened a church in Huron, which is a small community in Henderson County.

Arthur Armstrong, who serves as the head of the security team for Emmanuel Baptist Church on Luray Road, told WOPC HD News that staff from the Henderson County Sheriff's office told them about the potential threat.
Wayne County Sheriff Office

Armstrong, who also serves as the Fire Chief in that area, said that the sheriff's office didn't tell them that they were the target but that "Toler had told his mother and wife that he planned to shoot up a church and then kill himself."

When Toler was taken into custody by the Clifton Police Department, court documents show that he had an AR-15, Tactical Shotgun (also described as a Mossberg) and a rifle. The warrant also said he had numerous loaded clips and approximately 1,000 to 1,5000 rounds of ammunition.

According to Armstrong, Henderson County authorities told him that they knew where Toler was, but if they 'hadn't been able to find him they had planned to post 4 deputies at the church'.

"Since they knew where he (Toler) was, they did send a patrol and it circled the parking lot at least once." Armstrong said.

Chief Armstrong said that Toler had only been to the church 'one time' and that was on the Wednesday night previous to his arrest.

The connection to Toler and Emmanuel Baptist Church started approximately 2 years ago when Armstrong's brother in law shot a deer and tracked it to Toler's property. Toler and the brother in law looked for the deer "for hours", according to Armstrong.

Recently Toler had encountered marital issues and he had been staying at the home of Armstrong's brother in law while he tried to find housing.  Armstong said that his family members said Toler was "friendly as all get out and very appreciative."

Armstrong said on Sunday prior to Toler being taken into custody "His wife had kicked him out and told him she didn't want anything else to do with him."

On Tuesday, January 13th, Toler had said that he had 'been saved'. He visited Emmanuel Baptist for the first time Wednesday according to Armstong,

He said that Toler had told him the congregation were "friendly folks".

In light of the events, Armstrong said the congregation was "unnerved but not distraught" and that the security team was in full force.

"We hope he gets help but we are concerned if he gets out" added Armstrong.

Toler was in court in Wayne County where a judge ordered him held without bond. He is currently being held on a charge of Introduction of Contraband Into a Penal Facility (Firearms).

Clifton City Manager Doug Kibby was asked if the threat to the church was credible, he replied "Absolutely."

The investigation is currently ongoing and it may result in charges from other agencies.

In a note of clarification, our previous report indicated that 'explosives' had been found at the scene. Authorities have since clarified that report and noted that explosives were not found in the search of the suspect's vehicle. 

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