Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lobelville Mayor Assures Residents Following Water Violation Letter

LOBELVILLE, TN - A recent letter issued to Lobelville water customers has people on edge, and the Mayor reaching out to calm fears. The notice, issued February 16th, notes a 'violation in Federal drinking standards' and warns of a possible cancer risk if customers are exposed to high levels over a long period of time.

'Dangerous high levels of this chlorine by-product were not found (in our water), however the amount tested was barely above a standard, and in full transparency, a warning had to be issued" Lobelville Mayor Robby Moore said in an interview with WOPC-FM.

The letter was triggered from a routine water sample that was taken last summer. The sample was combined with others over a testing period from the year, and found to have a slightly higher level of a chemical called Haloacetic Acid. The legal standard for the chemical in drinking water is 0.060mg/L (per billion), and Lobelville was found to have a measurement of 0.062mg/L (parts per billion).

The chemical buildup, according to Moore, was caused in the hot summer months, when certain parts of the water system were not properly flushed. Moore says corrective action was taken at the time, and new safeguards are in place to prevent the chemical buildup from ever happening again.

"It's important for us to be transparent, for customers to know about this issue, but it is also important to be clear that is is a microscopic measurement in a short period of time, and we do not believe there is a health risk of cause for alarm" Moore said. "I drink this water, my family drinks this water, we take this issue seriously and we would never put our citizens in harm" Moore noted.

If you are a Lobelville water customer, and you have questions about the letter, or the chemical tested, you can call the water department at 931-593-2388.