Friday, February 2, 2018

Lewis County Man Convicted On 4 Counts Of Child Rape

HOHENWALD, TN-  A Lewis County jury convicted a man on Thursday of multiple charges of rape of a child.

After a four day trial, a Lewis County jury came back with eight guilty verdicts that accused Donald Runions of raping a child.  
Runions was found guilty of Aggravated Sexual Battery, Attempted Sexual Battery, Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Violation of the Child Protection Act and Rape of a Child.
A Lewis County Grand Jury indicted Runions on these charges in August, 2016.
The victims who were ages 3 and 5 when the abuse took place, they both took the stand to testify against Runions. 
One of the victim's mother told WOPC HD News that "I am pleased with the jury's decision, although I went through complete hell on the stand, I believe that the jury made the right decision for the justice of my little girl"
The mother of one of the victims said that "If people find themselves in these situations, no matter if someone believes you or not, please come forward. This happens more than people realize and people need to come forward. Coming forward has helped in putting him away."
The jury deliberated for approximately two hours before coming to a verdict. During that deliberation, the jury asked the judge to review some evidence and came back with a verdict shortly afterwards.  
District Attorney Kim Helper issued the following statement via her Facebook Page "Thankful for the work of a Lewis County Trial Jury this week. Donald Runions was convicted this afternoon on several charges, including four counts of rape of a child. ADAs Jennifer Mason and Kate Delk represented the State."
A sentencing date of March 19th, 2018 has been set for Runions. Child Rape is a Class A Felony. Each count of Child Rape carries a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison and a convicted person is required to serve 100 percent of that time in prison.
Runions was also arrested in Perry County in July 2016 where he faces 14 additional charges that stem from an unrelated case. In that case, Perry County Sherriff Nick Weems and other deputies set up a sting where they pretended to be a teenage girl on Facebook and reportedly lured Runions to a meeting. 
 Photo Credit: Lewis County Sherriff's Office