Monday, February 26, 2018

Lawmakers Seek To End Child Marriage In Tennessee

NASHVILLE, TN- A pair of Davidson County lawmakers have filed a bill that would end child marriage in Tennesse.

A bill making its way through Capitol Hill in Nashville would end child marriages in Tennessee with no exception.

The bill was filed by State Representative Darren Jernigan and State Senator Jeff Yabro both represent Davidson County.

Current state law allows people over the age of 16 to get married with parental approval. The law also allows for a judge or County Mayor to grant a marriage license to people under 16 with no minimum age limit.

The bill, HB 1785, would only allow people 18 and above to be granted marriage licenses with no exceptions.

Data from The Pew Research Center says that Tennessee is the state with the 6th highest rate of child marriage.

The proposed bill is currently in committee.