Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kingpin Granny Allegedly Had Fentanyl At Time Of Bust

PARSONS, TN- Last week the arrest of wheelchair-bound 75-year-old Betty J. Jordan made national news. She was dubbed "Kingpin Granny", Decatur County Keith Byrd reveals more on the arrest.

Sheriff Keith Byrd told WOPC HD News on Friday night that he had been cleared by the Drug Enforcement Agency to release more about the arrest of Jordan.

The original court documents show that the Decatur County Sheriff's Office confiscated over 1,000 pills including Oxycodone and Xanax. Along with the drugs they say they seized over $12,000 in cash and assets.

Byrd said when his deputies served the search warrant at Jordan's residence they also found "Fentanyl, Duramorph and another surgical drug."

Fentanyl is being blamed by law enforcement all over the country for deaths. Fentanyl is said to be so dangerous that deaths have been caused by just touching the drug.

Byrd told WOPC HD News that his deputies had made three arrests in connection with these drugs.

"The drugs came from a wrecked truck out on the interstate during the last snow, 3 men who worked for towing company, stole the drugs" Bryd added "and they have been arrested"

Court documents have identified those men as Anthony W. Inman, Russell Eugene Downing III and Skylar A. Mathis all three men are from Holladay.

According to those court documents the three men worked for Prime Towing and they were allegedly working a multi-vehicle accident that occurred on January 14, 2018.  The warrant says that they were "contracted to remove the semi and trailer from the crash scene."

Reportedly the three men took several prescription medications that had spilled from the trailer. The warrant says that those medications were Fentanyl, Midazolam and Duramorph. The truck was said to be hauling several pallets of medications.

When asked if Jordan would face additional charges, the sheriff said "Some of these charges may have been kept secret during the investigation and may have already been served.

Inman, Downing and Mathis all were charged with Theft and Possession with Intent to Deliver Narcotics.

They all were booked and released on $50,000 bond.