Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Decatur County Hospital Sold To Impeli Health

DECATURVILLE, TN- At a special called meeting of the Decatur County Commission, commissioners voted unanimously to sell Decatur County General Hospital.
Over the past two months, it seemed certain that Decatur County was going to lose its only hospital. The county's commission had even voted to start the closing process.

It appears that if the state approves a deal with Impeli Health Inc, the hospital will keep its doors open.

Here are a few of the details from Tuesday night's meeting:

Impeli Health Inc. will pay Decatur County $1 million on June 1, 2018
Impeli Health Inc. will invest $1 million into the hospital
Decatur County will manage accounts payable and receivable until March, 2018
The hospital will be moved from a non-profit to a profit business
Impeli Health Inc. will assume all bad debt.
The hospital will likely be renamed Riverside Medical

Kelly Codega, Chief Operations Officer at Impeli Health, Inc, told the commissioners "We believe in this hospital"

The vote to sell the hospital to Impeli was unanimous. 

Photo: Decatur County General Hospital