Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Weems Announces 2018 Run For Sheriff

LINDEN, TN - Nick Weems has announced his intention to seek re-election to the office of Sheriff of Perry County. Weems released the following statement to WOPC-HD News on Tuesday afternoon:

"Hello friends and citizens of Perry County. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. With the holiday season now behind us, we are gearing up for the season that everyone loves to hate, election season...

"Most of you know that I have been serving as your Sheriff for a little over two years now. It truly has been an honor. I would like to take this opportunity to officially announce that I will be seeking re-election for the office of Sheriff in August 2018. I would like to first and foremost recognize that in the previous election, the citizens of Perry County entrusted me by casting their votes, and I have strived to honor that debt by building a local, loyal, and dedicated team that is ready to serve. Since taking office, I have restructured how both the Sheriff’s office and jail operates. We have consolidated duties and made budget cuts to rid the department of unnecessary costs. We took the saved money and were able to give much needed pay raises to our staff. We hired local men and women to serve the community in which they reside. We now have a full team of trained and dedicated employees.

As Sheriff, I want to say that my deputies and staff have exceeded my first year goals and expectations. We had record- breaking drug bust numbers, and pursued and achieved large grants that will save the taxpayers thousands. I cannot wait to see what the next four years will bring. I have been a very budget-minded Sheriff, because I value the fact that as taxpayers, we all fund this service. We have assembled a highly-trained Special Response Team and their dedication has been shown to be invaluable in not only conducting security at ball games, but also in participating in undercover missions, bomb threats and high risk situations. They have given hours to the county, free of charge, saving our budget thousands of dollars.

I am very proud of the men and women here at the Perry County Sheriff’s Office and Jail and all of our accomplishments that we have achieved in just two years. We are moving forward, looking ahead and excited as to what our future plans mean for Perry County. Remember, the Sheriff’s job is very demanding and I may not get to see everyone before the election in August. I would like to take this opportunity in asking for your vote once again for Sheriff of Perry County."