Friday, January 19, 2018

Tennessee Bill Would Keep Daylight Savings Time Year Round

Clock Tower From The Old Lawrence County Courthouse/Burt Scott Staggs

NASHVILLE, TN- A Middle Tennessee lawmaker says Tennessee should keep an extra hour of sunlight year round
State Representative Rick Tillis(R), Lewisburg, says that its time for Tennessee to get away for the antiquated practice of rolling back the clocks.

Apparently he isn't alone, the lawmaker says that his social media polls show that Tennesseans favor wanting more sunshine in their day.

Tillis bright idea would keep Tennessee on Daylight Saving Time.

Tillis bill is making its way through the State House this session. If the bill were to be passed into law it would end a changing of the clocks twice a year that began in 1918. It would take effect in 2019.

Most people seem to favor the idea of having sunshine in the winter when they get home from work.

Tillis said that legislators in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and North Carolina were considering similar bills.