Monday, January 29, 2018

TDOT Permanently Closes Crossovers On Hwy 43

Due to traffic safety concerns, the Tennessee Department of Transportation, has announced that the crossover for Hwy 166 at Hwy 43 will be PERMANENTLY CLOSED beginning at 8:30 AM on Monday, January 29th.

This is the construction area (former site of the flashing caution light) - pictured here - in Mt. Pleasant.

Recently, the old crossover was closed off and a new crossover was created just to the South - both of these are marked by the Red areas on this photo.

As of Monday, NEITHER of these crossovers will be open until construction is completed. The projects completion date is late 2018 or early 2019.  

That means that Hwy 166 North (toward Hampshire) will be accessible ONLY from the Southbound lanes of Hwy 43 and Hwy 166 South (toward Mt. Pleasant will be accessible ONLY from the Northbound lanes of Hwy 43.

Also, traveling from Hampshire towards Mt. Pleasant, drivers will only be allowed to turn SOUTH on Hwy 43. Conversely, traveling from Mt. Pleasant towards Hampshire, drivers will only be allowed to turn NORTH on Hwy 43.

Drivers will have to use crossovers at either Mt. Joy Road (on the South) or Cross Bridges Rd (on the North) to continue on Hwy 166.

Photo credit - Eagle Eye Aerial Photography