Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Staffer Wounded During Youth Center Riot

LINDEN, TN- At least one staff member was wounded after authorities say a riot broke out at youth housing facility in Linden. Perry County Sherriff Nick Weems
Says the fights occurred at the Deer Valley Youth Villages just outside of Linden on Tuesday afternoon.

The Perry County Sheriff's Office, EMS and other agencies responded to the call for assistance.

A staff member of the facility told WOPH HD News that 42 juveniles are housed at the facility.  When the incident broke out, staff needed assistance to contain the situation from possibly getting out of hand.

The staff member conformed a female employee was injured and that several of the juveniles came to her assistance. Those juveniles may have squared off with those who allegedly inured the female in an attempt to protect her. It is believed the situation escalated from that point.

Perry County Nick Weems said a "few people were hurt."

WOPC HD News has reached out to the corporate management of the youth facility for comment but at this time we have not received an answer to our request.

Weems said that the situation is under control and its likely that charges would be forthcoming.