Friday, January 19, 2018

Shooting Death Of Lawrence County Man, Is Third Suspicious Death In Five Day Span

LAWRENCE COUNTY, TN- In the past week three Lawrence County men have been found dead and all three deaths are considered suspicious and no arrest have been made.

The first of the deaths came on Friday, January 12th, when the Tennessee Highway Patrol was called to the scene of a fatal hit-and-run at the intersection on Revilo Road and Blooming Grove Road.  The victim in that case was Richard Dube, Five Points. Dube's body has been sent for autopsy. According to a source close to the investigation Dube's body showed no signs of injury that matched in what is expected to found when person is struck by a vehicle.

The second of the deaths was two days later when the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office responded and found the body of Dustin Sanker in a wooded area off of Long Branch Road. Sanker was a Lawrence County native but had been living in Madison, Tn. Law enforcement said he had been spending a significant amount of time in the area. 

Sanker's death was called suspicious by the LCSO in a social media post which they asked for assistance from the public in the investigation.

The 3rd death was a shooting death on Wednesday, January 17th. Zacchary Glover, 27, was found shot according to the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office. Glover was found at a property on Annette Drive. He was taken to Southern Tennessee Medical where he was later pronounced dead from his injuries. Once again the events surrounding the shooting are being called "suspicious" by a source with knowledge of the investigation.

All these cases are under investigation by either the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office, The Tennessee Highway Patrol's Criminal Investigation Unit and the District Attorney's Office.

If you have any information on any of these cases please call the LCSO at 931-762-1608 or you can message them through Facebook.