Sunday, January 28, 2018

School Threat Under Investigation In McNairy County

ADAMSVILLE, TN- The McNairy County Sheriff's  Office confirms a subject is in custody over a possible threat to a McNairy County School.
Several concerned school parents contacted WOPC HD News about a possible school threat that was making its way around social media.

Reportedly a female student posted a photo to Instagram with words that several took as a threat to Adamsville High School.

A photo of the alleged threat was sent to WOPC HD News, the first part of the message appears to be song lyrics from a Hollywood Undead Song titled "Kill Everyone."  The last line of the alleged message is what has concerned many, "Can't wait for Monday, always wanted to be famous, I guess this is the reason I go in for", followed by a knife and a clock.

The MCSO says that they have been in contact with school officials and at the current time they do not feel there is a need for concern. The Facebook message also says that the responsible party is in custody and being evaluated for mental health.