Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Perry County Sherriff Introduces New K-9 Tango

LINDEN, TN- K-9 Officer "Tango" will be on patrol shortly in Perry County and he didn't cost taxpayers any "Cash."

Perry County will have one more officer to help take a bite out of crime. The new K-9 was donated to the Perry County Sheriff's Office by Nashville K-9 at zero cost to the tax payers. 

According to Sheriff Nick Weems, Tango is fully trained in protection and apprehension and will be a major asset in combating the crime and drugs here in Perry County. 

Sheriff Weems' said his eagerness to have a K-9 unit stems from his early work with his own dog, Vando in 2002. "Vando was instrumental to me and my career. He was able to help locate lost children, send drug dealers to jail and was an overall protector to me and our Department."  "I want my staff to have the same peace of mind I had, knowing they have a loyal and fierce ally." 

Tango and his training is valued at over $20,000.

Sheriff Weems said that Deputy Matt Votaw took initiative and found this asset for the department

Weems said "This is the team I envisioned when I took on the role as Sheriff. I want my people to always strive to find ways to make this Department work best for the community and do it in a way that lifts the burden off the taxpayers. This is a perfect example of that kind of thinking."

The Sheriff added "hopefully, those seeking to deal drugs in Perry County will "paws" and rethink their plan."