Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Man Arrested For Allegedly Killing Child's Cat With Crossbow

Photo Credit: Perry County Sheriff's Office

PERRY COUNTY, TN- A Perry County family took to social media to try and find out who killed a family pet.

Last Friday, Linden resident Parker Brown asked his friends on Facebook to help find who killed his four-year-old little brother's cat in such a "cold blooded and cruel way." The cat was shot with an arrow. The arrow was still in the animal when it was discovered.

A tip led the Perry County Sheriff's Office to question Skylar Morris, who lives near where the cat was reportedly shot. A press release from the sheriff's office says that Morris admitted to shooting the cat with a cross bow, but that 'it was an accident'.

According to a police report taken Deputy Matt Votaw, things in Morris' statement 'didn't add up'.

The sheriffs office says their investigation showed that Morris intentionally shot the animal at close range and from a downward angle.

Morris was later charged with Felony Aggravated Cruelty to Animals he was booked into the Perry County Jail and later released on a $2,500 bond.

Perry County Sheriff Nick Weems said “Unlike most cases where animals are shot that are running at large, this case is different. In this case, the shooter can not claim he was in fear of the animal or shot the cat to protect life or property. This was just a down right cruel act and hopefully the 4 year-old and family of the animal will see justice prevail.”

Parker Brown, who made the original post, said that he didn't really want the person responsible to go to jail, but he would have like them to apologize to his little brother.

The tragic story does have a happy ending: Brown said that Judy Freeman, an acquaintance, brought his little brother a new cat and "he is excited as could be."

(Photo: PCSO)