Thursday, January 25, 2018

Fatal Fire Brings Focus On Smoke Detectors

LINDEN, TN- A recent fatal house fire in Hardin County that killed a family of four including two children, has thrust smoke detectors into the spot light.
WOPC HD News did multiple interviews with Hardin County Fire Chief Melvin Martin and he stressed several times the importance of working smoke detectors. It is currently not know at this time if Hardin County family had working smoke detectors.

Studies show that 30 years ago that a person had over 10 minutes to escape a house fire. Today that number has shrank to under 3 minutes. Martin said that a lot of people think todays houses are safer but the chemical make up of home furnishing are deadly when they burn.

In a fire today often cyanide gas is released into the air and that deadly gas can incapacitate a person within seconds making it impossible to escape the flames.

The Hardin County Fire Department and EMA has installed nearly 1,000 smoke detectors in the past year. Those smoke detectors are free of charge. This program is available to all counties through a program started in 2012 by the State Fire Marshalls Office. The Program is called "Get Alarmed, TN"

The States Fire Marshalls Office has a map on their web page that shows smoke detectors installed in each county in conjunction with this program.

When you look at the map an "alarm" goes off in your mind Hardin, Decatur and Henderson Counties are a sea of green dots. Lewis, Perry and Wayne have very few green dots, which represent installations of smoke detectors made available through this program and properly registered into the system.

Linden Fire Chief Don Bates said that the Town of Linden has been approved to participate in the states program and hope to be installing free detectors in the very near future.

The state of Tennessee offers free smoke detectors to citizens if they qualify, click here to see if you qualify.