Monday, January 22, 2018

Dylan Adams Due In Court Today In Holly Bobo Murder Case

Future Grave Site Of Holly Bobo/Burton S. Staggs

SAVANNAH, TN- This morning John Dylan Adams will stand before Judge Creed McGinley with his attorney's and to the left of Holly Bobo's family at 11:00 a.m. in Hardin County. For the first time in years there will be a different district attorney to the right of Adams.

The judge had previously set today as the deadline day for a negotiated plea bargain from Adams.

After today, McGinley said he would only accept a blind plea of guilty to the top charges that a Decatur County Grand Jury indicted Adams on in 2015.

Adams charges include first-degree murder, aggravated rape with a deadly weapon, aggravated rape with serious bodily injury, aggravated rape with one or more persons, and kidnapping with use of a weapon and serious bodily injury.

Unlike his brother Zachary Adams, the state is not seeking the death penalty.

Since the last time Adams was in court prosecutor Jennifer Nichols has been appointed to the bench. Earlier this month Governor Bill Haslam appointed Nichols to replace a retiring judge in Memphis.

Most seem to think that familiar face District Attorney Paul Hagerman will take over lead in the case.

A source close to the Bobo family told WOPC HD News ahead of Dylan Adam's hearing today that the Bobo family is extremely happy for Jennifer Nichols and that her appointment to the bench was well deserved.

The family felt it was important to have Nichols, a female prosecutor, represent their daughter and to speak to the jury for Holly.

They also said going forward they have full confidence in Paul Hagerman, Eric Christensen and the rest of the prosecution team as the state and the family continues their never ending quest to find "Justice for Holly."

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says that Dylan Adams allegedly admitted that he raped Bobo twice on April 13, 2011 the day she was kidnapped.

Dylan Adams family and friends allege that the confession was coerced.

If Adams chooses to take this case to trial the jury will most likely come from the Chattanooga area.

Zachary Adams was convicted on all 8 counts in September and was sentenced to life in prison plus 50 years.

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