Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Attorney For Tad Cummins Removed From Case

NASHVILLE, TN-The attorney for Tad Cummins said he no longer wanted to represent him.

Brent Horst, who has been representing Cummins filed a motion recently to be relieved of his duties in the case.

It’s was unclear why Horst wanted to be removed; the original motion was filed under seal, so it’s not available.

The motion was heard today and was granted. Horst will be able to come of the case and Cummins will begin the search for a new attorney.

After the hearing Cummins' daughter, Erica Osborne told WOPC HD News, "We are trusting God and know that he is control. I'm thankful everyday and my dad is too, that we are where we are now and he isn't still missing. We would change a lot if we could but I am so lucky to get to talk to him everyday and at least he is safe"
Cummins, a former Maury County teacher, faces federal charges for allegedly kidnapping his former student in Columbia and leading authorities on a nationwide manhunt.
A civil lawsuit was filed last week against Cummins and the Maury County School Board by the attorneys who represent the parents of the student that Cummins is to have allegedly kidnapped. It says in part the school failed to protect the minor from Cummins. 
A new court date has not been set as Cummins will need time to acquire new representation.