Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Group Suspected Of Brazen Theft From Food Giant

LINDEN, TN (WOPC) Can you identify the people in these photos? If so, Perry County Deputies want to hear from you.

Authorities say the group is suspected to be involved in a brazen shoplift around 9:30 Monday night. The act happened during store hours, officials say. The group took time removing dozens of items.

While the exact total is not known, deputies say the team removed more than $100.00 worth of various groceries from the Food Giant store in Linden..
In these photos, released by deputies to WOPC, the suspects are seen carrying items in bags and clothing.
In all, 4 suspects were identified as part of the alleged theft. The team left in a white Dodge 1500 truck, with a red 'auto dealer' license plate.
If you know these individuals, you are asked to call the Perry County Sheriff's Office at 931-589-8803.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Armed Citizen Captures 2 Wanted Men In Perry County

Scotty Landers Captured Suspects / WOPC

WHITE OAK, TN (Perry County - WOPC) A 'good guy with a gun' has brought two wanted men to justice in rural Perry County.

Monday evening, deputies from the Decatur County Sheriff's Office chased a vehicle into southern Perry County. After turning on remote Grinder Road in the White Oak community, the two suspects fled the vehicle on foot.

Officers with at least three agencies spent Monday evening and most of Tuesday morning working to get a track on the suspects by land and air. Just after 8:15am Tuesday morning, one of the suspects was spotted near a sawmill on White Oak road. An alert employee, Scotty Landers, held the suspect at gunpoint until deputies arrived. That would be the first of two heroic takedowns for Landers.

After hours of continued searching rough wooded areas, deputies were notified by dispatch that the additional suspect was spotted near the same sawmill. Deputies arrived to find the second suspect held at gunpoint by Landers and his son. This time, Landers says he gave chase to the suspect through the woods when he attempted to flee. Landers told WOPC a 'warning shot' fired into the air from his shotgun, help to curb the suspect. 

The names of the two suspects have not been released by the Decatur County Sheriff's Office. More information is expected form the Sheriff soon. Both suspects are being released to the custody of the Decatur County Sheriff's Office. WOPC was the only local news source to break every detail of this story from the scene.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Back-To-Back Drug Busts In Perry County

PERRY COUNTY, TN (WOPC) Two days of drug suspect arrests have kept officers busy in Perry County.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Perry County Unveils Tag Renewal Kiosk


A license plate tag renewal Kiosk is now conveniently available inside the Lobelville City Hall Lobby. No need to travel to the courthouse for renewal.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Perry County Deputies Search For Runaway Teens

PERRY COUNTY, TN - Two teens have reportedly runaway from the Deer Valley youth campus, and may have burglarized a couple of properties.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Decatur County-Riverside's McElrath Commits To Northeast Mississippi Community College

courtesy of the Jackson Sun
PARSONS, TN- For the past four seasons, if you played the Riverside Panthers in Decatur County, there was one player you knew you had to stop to have a chance at beating them, #10 Daryl McElrath.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Man Killed In Fatal Decatur County Fire

PARSONS, TN-  Decatur Couty officials say an elderly man died in a fatal house fire Wednesday night.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Perry County To Place Armed Guards In Schools

LINDEN, TN- Perry County Sheriff Nick Weems has been front and center in the fight to protect school children since the school shooting in Florida that killed seventeen.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Wayne County Road Superintendent Enters Guilty Plea

WAYNESBORO, TN- Wayne County Superintendent of Roads Chuck Moser, was in court on Friday

Moser's trial was set to begin on Wednesday in Wayne County. 

TRVN was notified by Judge Stella Hargrove's office on Tuesday afternoon that the trial had been canceled. 

Moser appeared before Judge Hargrove in Columbia on Friday morning. Superintendent Moser entered guilty pleas to Attempted Official Misconduct and Permitting Inmates To Work For The Benefit of Private Citizens. These charges are both misdemeanors.

Moser will be placed on probation and will make restitution to Wayne County in the amount of $3011.00. After payment of the restitution and cost, Moser will be on unsupervised probation.

Moser who is in his first term as the Superintendent of Roads in Wayne County was indicted by a Wayne County Grand Jury back in October of 2017.  The grand jury issued indictments against Moser was indicted for Theft over $10,000, Misuse of County Inmates, and Misuse of County Property.

Moser and other elected officials maintained throughout the process that Moser acts were humanitarian in nature.

A Wayne County elected official said that "Chuck helped a family in need and a church, by the letter of the law it may be illegal but I support him."

The Wayne County Commission in a meeting wanted to issue a statement of support for Moser, but the commission was advised against it by the county attorney.

22nd Judicial District Attorney Brent Cooper said "The State took into consideration all of the relevant facts in this case, including Mr. Moser's motives for his actions. However, I took an oath to uphold the law and prosecute violations thereof.  The laws pertinent to these charges are straightforward and do not have exemptions if the reasons for the work are charitable.  With that said, as District Attorney,  I have the discretion to pursue cases, not only with vigor, but with common sense and fairness. That discretion allowed me to offer a resolution to Mr. Moser that is fair and allows him to continue in his position as Highway Superintendent and without a felony conviction.  I am confident he will do so without any further issues. There's a saying that comes to mind in this situation:  "Just because it's always been done that way doesn't mean it's the right way to do it."  I am glad that Mr.Moser, his family, and the people of Wayne County can now put this behind them."  

Moser also released a statement to TVRN where he explained his actions and said that "I hope the citizens of Wayne County understand why I did, what I did."

Click here to read Moser's full statement.

Jimmy Staggs was also indicted by the Wayne County Grand Jury, his charges were retired today.

US Marshals Looking For West Tennessee Fugitve

Nathan Hooper is wanted on six felony charges in McNairy, Hardeman and Chester counties of TN according to a release from the U.S. Marshals Service.